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About Us


Carliams Irish Terriers is a father and son team of premium Irish dog breeders. We have a passion for working terriers and have a long tradition of riding to hounds with the Ward Union Staghounds. We here at Carliams Irish Terriers have spent over thirty years breeding, caring for, developing and nurturing many dogs. We are now turning our attention to the show ring with focus on Irish Terriers and Kerry Blue Terriers.

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Our Goals

Our aim is to breed terriers with grace, substance, presence and loyalty. After many years of experience with dogs, horses, and birds we now turn to the show ring, with some of our homebred dogs to achieve a high status in the showing, grooming, and training of top quality dogs. With are success in both Ireland & Europe we aim to constantly improve and prosper. 

Meet the Team




Originally in Horses, both racing horses and hunting in the Ward Union Hunt.
Jack has always been involved in dogs all of his life, both in Hunting & working, putting his focus into showing dogs over the past 6 Years.

Brought up around Boxers and Jack Russels in his Early days. Jack got experience in Rottweilers during his days riding horses. Final Putting his main love and focus into Irish Terriers, Airedale Terriers, and Kerry Blue Terriers.


Brought up around dogs and horses from a very young age, Liam has spent most of his life involved  in kickboxing and has put his focus into the Handling, Grooming, and Training of Dogs over the past 6 Years.

Liam has worked and been mentored in the US for some of Americas Top Handlers Mrs. Tracy Szaras & Mr. Luiz Abreu, who have exhibited the #1 Terriers in America.

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